a small error in Wine, when it gets to the make install stage..

Ya'ad Golani yaad_g at bezeqint.net
Thu May 2 08:05:49 CDT 2002

Good evening.

When trying to install wine-20020411 I got the following error message 
(running through the "wineinstall" script, and not manually):

Performing 'make install' as root to install binaries, enter root password
/bin/bash: - : unrecognized option

Either you entered an incorrect password or we failed to run
'make install' correctly.
If you didn't enter an incorrect password then please report this
error to wine-devel at winehq.com.

Welp, as you can see, I didn't enter the wrong password and got a "/bin/bash: 
- : unrecognized option", just letting you know.

   Ya'ad Golani.

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