More MSVC fixes

Patrik Stridvall ps at
Fri May 3 02:45:35 CDT 2002

> How are you planning on linking the dlls/resources once wine is up 2
> date on MSVC?

No specific plan. I just fix issues that I can find acceptable
solutions  to one by one in hope that all will be fixed eventually.

You and Alexandre have fixed some of them that I wasn't sure how
to solve in an acceptable way so, as I said, perhaps we will solve
them all eventually. :-)

> Can MSVC build wrc resources and link them?

The formats are not 100% compatible. Specificly WRC supports embedded
icons and bitmaps. Microsoft RC requires a link to the binary.

However Alexandre doesn't like binary files in the CVS for good reasons
so making the RC files 100% Microsoft compatable wouldn't be a good idea

Not sure how to solve this in a good way other than
actually using WRC on Windows of course.

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