Chinese text input into Notes R6 Mail field (windows/defwnd.c ??)

leanne leanne at
Fri May 3 08:28:13 CDT 2002

Dmitry Timoshkov wrote:

>"leanne" <leanne at> wrote:
>>>LRESULT WINAPI DefWindowProcA( HWND hwnd, UINT msg, WPARAM wParam,
>>>LPARAM lParam );
>>>case WM_IME_CHAR:
>>>charW = wParam;
>>>printf("DefWindowProcA WM_IME_CHAR %08x\n", charW); // I got it correct!
>>>- 4f60 (unicode of "you" in Chinese)
>>>//Is there something wrong here?
>Something really wrong there. You shouldn't receive unicode characters
>in the ANSI (DefWindowProcA) message handler. Apparently mapping of
>WM_IME_CHAR and friends to/from unicode should be added in windows/winproc.c.
>Just look how it was done for WM_CHAR, and try to add WM_IME_CHAR there.
Thank all for your hints.

Somehow we checked that we run with --winver win2k and we can input 
Chinese/Japnese without any problems

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