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Hidenori TAKESHIMA hidenori at
Thu May 2 20:31:52 CDT 2002

> I haven't participated in the list before so I won't
> now, but I'm curious. Is there some reason you are
> taking all of your multimedia code out of the source
> base?
My all MultiMedia codes are completely written from scratch.
No disassembling.
I believe there are no legal issues.
But, I cannot warrant...
I should protect myself from
any potential problems now...

> Of course, someone else can just add it back in since
> it was GPLd code... but if there is some good reason
> not to add it back (patent infringement, etc.) you owe
> it to the community to indicate that... derived
> projects may already be dependent on your code. And
> that would make it more likely that your wishes will
> be carried out and no one will add the code back in.
The main issues for me are
1) restrictions of EULA - some codes may be
  based on information from non-VS6.
  I don't want to battle with EULA.
2) afraid to many pending patents.
  I cannot check all patents...
and there are some other reasons I don't want to write...

So, finally, I decided to solicite Alexandre...

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