Application Database RFC

Paul Millar paulm at
Fri May 3 12:44:57 CDT 2002

On Thu, 2 May 2002, Tony Lambregts wrote:
> So this is what I have come up with.
> 1. Installation                                   (total possible 2)


> 12. Date tested. Verison of wine used

With the proviso that having multiple categories tends to favour
"average-looking" results, the system looks good.

I would also include the license under which the software is available.  
Without wishing to reigniting the wine-license debate :) the license could
be one of: "free w/ sourcecode", "free but binary only", "commercial",
"Donno, got it off a mate".

> Idealy we would be able to look at the AppDB and list all programs that 
> have problems with any of the criteria


Also, it would be nice if you could search the db for applications that
have a certain range of points (or stars), rather than just >= x, for
example to look for all four-star applications.

> Probably the most usefull aspect of this is that it gives users and 
> developers a real way of measuring how well wine really is doing and 
> where problems that affect the most programs are.

Hmm, there was always the possibility of this, but I think any half-way
reliable estimate would require retesting working apps; or do you assume
no regression in functionality?

What do you think?

Paul Millar

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