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Andriy Palamarchuk apa3a at
Fri May 3 13:24:38 CDT 2002

--- Andreas Mohr <andi at> wrote:
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> Do you really think people will put up with this
> system if currently
> they very frequently don't even mention whether they
> actually tried the app
> on Wine and what results they got ?
> (yes, I added a comment which asks them to also
> mention this)
> A lot of the submissions that I commit leave several
> things to be desired,
> too (which I frequently improve a lot before
> committing, which shouldn't
> really be my job, though).
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I think the main problem of AppDB is lack of
contributions. Comments from Andreas confirm that.
There are no volunteers who would spend time testing
the application, submitting the bugs to bugzilla,
making time to time regression testing.

If we implement the rating subsystem it can attract
new contributors, but I doubt. Somebody has to go and
spend time testing the applications. I don't want
Andreas to be this person - it's a waste to spend his
time on this job without significant effects. I'd
better assign a couple bugs I can't handle to him (I'm
the first in the line ;-).

The way of improving the application DB I see is to
increase soliciting for help, find volunteers, who'd
take ownership over information about the
applications, give the application owners access to
edit AppDB information.
If somebody asks - No, I do not want to take ownership
over any applications. Why? Because I do not run any
Windows applications, I have enough native ones.

Another point - there are already commercial products,
developed by companies, contributing to Wine. You,
guys already have list of applications your products
support, list applications you want to support, you
already have testing, regression testing. Why not take
ownership over applications you are interested in?
Publishing information about application status in
AppDB you can increase number of bug reports and won't
take much time.

One more thing - I'd like to remove discussions from
AppDB completely and leave only static information
there. The proper place for the discussions are
Bugzilla and wine-users. Discussions become outdated
very quickly and can't be corrected by application
Even requests to change information, published in
AppDB should be made through Bugzilla.


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