Application Database RFC

Jeremy White jwhite at
Fri May 3 14:47:31 CDT 2002

> I agree with Andi. Too much useless, redundant data. If you have an
> issue with Wine, submit it to Bugzilla ( Bugzilla is
> where Wine bugs belong. The AppDB has to only answer a few simple
> questions. "Does my app work?" and "How well does my app work?". 

I also agree strongly.  The old app db failed in part, imo, because
it tried to gather too much data.

I wanted to bring up one enhancement that many people I've
talked to feel would be a very important improvement to
the appdb:  get more 'Lawsons'.

The idea is if we can get someone to do for each app in the
appdb what Lawson does for Juno, then I believe that Wine
will truly start to fly.

So, I guess the concept is sort of an 'owner', or maybe a
team of owners for each app.  An ideal owner would be someone
    a)  Uses the app everyday.
    b)  Uses the app fairly broadly and depends on it.
    c)  Is willing to periodically try CVS builds of Wine
        and to report regressions.

Further, if we can get an owner for each app who actually
uses it, then I think that person would get the opportunity
to rate it, and their rating would weigh more heavily than
all the other comments.


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