Issues building the spec.o on win32 with mingw

Steven Edwards Steven_Ed4153 at
Fri May 3 18:03:45 CDT 2002

I'm sending this to all of you because I'm a little behind on my mail
and these two issues go hand in hand
Winebuild && wrc.

> Well, they clearly say that .previous is ELF specific. Don't
> know why, but it is... However, do we really need it? I 
> couldn't spot any place were we don't know the section we 
> want to go to...

.previous can be fixed easy it seems. Will the dlls be relocateable if I
can use the spec and winebuild?

> That's the right way yes, you shouldn't have to build the
> .spec.c files at all. I guess the import information could be 
> moved back into the makefiles (where it actually used to be 
> before dll separation).

The current system works well for you guys and I don't want to have To
make any major changes to the build system if I can avoid it. The issue
I forgot to take in to account was the wrc compiled resources. If I try
to build the spec when a rsrc.res is present I get this

PATH="../../unicode:$PATH" ../../tools/winebuild/winebuild  -L../../dlls
-sym pr ogman.tmp.o -o progman.spec.c -spec ./progman.spec
./progman.spec:5: Cannot read rsrc.res

The specs I tested before didn't have any resources with them so I
didn't notice this. Is there anyway I can debug winebuild to see what is
really going on here?

I have a few ideas for fixing these issues but they wouldn't really help
the MS_VC port. I could always patch windress to be able to compile wrc
resources and then change the build process to use winebuild to only
build the *.def and let dlltool/wrap do the linking but as I stated
before I don't want to change the build system to much and this wouldn't
really help the MS_VC port.


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