Application Database RFC

Tony Lambregts tony_lambregts at
Sat May 4 01:45:15 CDT 2002

Jeremy White wrote:

>>I agree with Andi. Too much useless, redundant data. If you have an
>>issue with Wine, submit it to Bugzilla ( Bugzilla is
>>where Wine bugs belong. The AppDB has to only answer a few simple
>>questions. "Does my app work?" and "How well does my app work?". 
>I also agree strongly.  The old app db failed in part, imo, because
>it tried to gather too much data.
>I wanted to bring up one enhancement that many people I've
>talked to feel would be a very important improvement to
>the appdb:  get more 'Lawsons'.
>The idea is if we can get someone to do for each app in the
>appdb what Lawson does for Juno, then I believe that Wine
>will truly start to fly.
>So, I guess the concept is sort of an 'owner', or maybe a
>team of owners for each app.  An ideal owner would be someone
>    a)  Uses the app everyday.
>    b)  Uses the app fairly broadly and depends on it.
>    c)  Is willing to periodically try CVS builds of Wine
>        and to report regressions.
>Further, if we can get an owner for each app who actually
>uses it, then I think that person would get the opportunity
>to rate it, and their rating would weigh more heavily than
>all the other comments.
This is exactly what I am talking about but we are coming at it from 
different directions. The way I see it the rating page would be the 
responsability of the app owners.  I don't want to rate MS Word because 
I dont use it. I can rate the apps that I use and the amount of work to 
do this right is small.  I would be willing to"adopt" one or two apps if 
they were important enough. Maybe others would feel the same way. The 
reason for having this is so that we have a consistant criteria from one 
app to the next. I don't want a hundred users giving an opinion. I want 
a way of measuring/quantifying how we are doing.

Tony Lambregts

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