Issues building the spec.o on win32 with mingw

Steven Edwards steven_ed4153 at
Sat May 4 16:04:48 CDT 2002

> You really can't use the .spec.c file. The result
> won't be a proper PE
> dll, and you would need the Wine loader to patch
> things up at run-time
> to make it look like a real dll. It's much easier to
> build a true PE
> dll in the first place.

Ok cool, once I send the last of my current patches in
I will move on to building the dlls/programs.
> Don't be afraid of suggesting changes. There are
> many things in the
> build system that could be done differently without
> impacting the Unix
> side at all, and making Wine more portable is always
> a good thing.

Ok, I just try not to make suggestions/comments where
I have no place. My programming skill is low so I am
being reserved about my suggestions if I cant
implement them.
> This message comes from load_res32_file() in
> tools/winebuild/res32.c.
> Looks like the read() failed to read the whole file.

Cool, I will take a look at it.


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