More MSVC fixes

Dimitrie O. Paun dimi at
Sat May 4 10:02:41 CDT 2002

On May 4, 2002 04:22 am, Francois Gouget wrote:
> On Sat, 4 May 2002, Patrik Stridvall wrote:
> [...]
> > > CVS can handle binary files no problem. Can someone please refresh my
> > > memory on why storing binary _images_ in CVS is such a bad idea?
> >
> > I think it is because CVS can't store the diffs between binary files.
> > It stores the whole file even if only one byte change. So it takes
> > a lot of space to store the history of the file.
> >
> > Of course storing space is cheap nowadays...
> But I believe it makes CVS slower too. Especially if you changed the
> file or if you 'touched' it by mistake.

To reply to both these at the same time: I have worked on projects that had
all their .gif files in CVS. Thousands of them. Space and speed were not a
problem, despite the large number of users we had, and the antiquated machine
(by todays standards) we were running the CVS server on. In wine we have a
(maybe) a few tens, or at most a hundred, _small_ images. Storage space and
speed is _not_ a problem.

As for the cvs -t argument, ... Oh, come on! :)

I would argue that compatibility with MS' rc is more important...


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