More MSVC fixes

Steven Edwards steven_ed4153 at
Sun May 5 00:29:25 CDT 2002

> > Besides, if someone really wants to use the MS
> compiler, it would be
> > pretty trivial to enhance bin2res to generate
> MS-compatible files from
> > the Wine sources. There's no need to ship binary
> files for that.
> OK, I'm convinced :) I fact, I don't care much about
> MS rc, is just that
> I don't see having a few small, seldom changing
> images in the tree
> being that big of a problem...

I agree but untill it is fixed mingw/MS_VC are SOL.
Anyone want to help the MS_VC and Mingw port out by
fixing wrc to output compatable rc files? Currently
winebuild reads the wrc resources from the spec file
which is not going to be used in the mingw/VC++ port.
I dont know if MS_VC can link to windress compiled
resources but if it can then that would be a good
place to look for information on how to fix wrc.

I will start a bug in bugzilla to address this issue.


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