A dsound regression

Duane Clark dclark at akamail.com
Sun May 5 10:33:42 CDT 2002

Johan wrote:
> On Fri, 3 May 2002, Duane Clark wrote:
>> A little more regression testing...
>> The 5/1 dsound patch causes this on one of my apps:
> ...
>> err:wave:DSDB_MapPrimary (0x4568ca04): Could not map sound device for
>> direct access (Input/output error)
> Before the patch Riven falls back to winmm, making the sound work.
> After the patch Riven can use DirectSound, but fails because your
> soundcard and driver can't do mmap().

Just for reference, this is a VIA 82C686 under ALSA 0.9beta12, which is 
probably a pretty common sound system.

Also, I am a bit puzzled, since the map error comes after the 
LoadLibraryExA errors.

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