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Mon May 6 12:59:59 CDT 2002


--- Lonnie Cumberland <lonnie at> wrote:
> Hello All,
> I hope that all of you are doing well today.
> Recently, I have been doing some searching on the
> web and have come
> across different verions of Wine and am not sure how
> they compare to
> each other as far as advancements.
> I have found Wine (here), Rewind, and also WineX.
> could someone please tell me about the differences
> and also which
> might be the most advanced and stable?

1) this is a question for wine-users mailing list, not

2) In short: 
  Wine - the "main" branch of the Wine project
  ReWind branch was created after changing license for
Wine project to LGPL. ReWind keeps old BSD-style
WineX is a commercial product from Transgaming with
some advanced features (DirectX 3D in particlar).
Other Wine-based commercial products - Codeweavers
Office and PlugIn, LindowsOS.

3) If you want stability look at Codeweavers Office,
don't know about other commercial products.
I believe the most advanced branch is main Wine
project, but it is much less stable. As I mentioned
before WineX has some features, not implemented in

Andriy Palamarchuk

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