Comparison info please?

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Mon May 6 15:02:20 CDT 2002

--- Lonnie Cumberland <lonnie at> wrote:
> Hello All,
> I hope that all of you are doing well today.
> Recently, I have been doing some searching on the
> web and have come
> across different verions of Wine and am not sure how
> they compare to
> each other as far as advancements.
> I have found Wine (here), Rewind, and also WineX.
> could someone please tell me about the differences
> and also which
> might be the most advanced and stable?
> thanks in advance,
> Lonnie

wine (here) is the original wine, it was designed to
let people run windows programs on any unix-like
operating system, actively maintained and updated
daily by alexandre julliard, stable/unstable status
can change from day-to-day, uses LGPL license.

rewind is the same as this one, but uses older X11
license, actively maintained and updated by eric
pouech, ove kaaven, and david hammerton.

winex is a fork of rewind that is designed mainly for
gamers.  actively maintained and updated daily by
transgaming, inc, users can download from cvs, or pay
a $5/month subscription fee to receive official tech
support and built-in copy protection support.

there is also codeweavers, which is a fork of this
tree, actively maintained and updated daily by
codeweavers, inc, main support for wine, pushing
toward official "1.0" release, uses updates from here
and internal updates, can only be downloaded (as far
as i know) as snapshots of cvs code.

also is an ibm (internal) fork, and a defunct corel
fork, neither of which are/can be used by the general

hope that helps


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