A little configure change help needed for the mingw/msys port.

Steven Edwards Steven_Ed4153 at yahoo.com
Wed May 8 03:38:56 CDT 2002

Preface: If you have the time to help thanks, if not I will keep
fighting with it and should be able 
To get it sooner or latter and thanks anyway.
After the recent patch for cygwin I found the 2 changes I need to make
to configure/configure.ac 
for a mingw host/target but I'm having trouble with the syntax of
configure to get it to do what 
I need it to do. My current porting work has been based on some dirty
hacks to configure that didn't
Really fix the problem without breaking the checks for other platforms.
Now I just need some help making
These 2 changes.

Change #1. at line 5552 its checking for dlopen which I think is in
dlfcn.h. Mingw doesn't have this and I don't think the mingw port needs
this but configure returns.


This of course causes configure to bomb because we need to build a
dll/so. I cant get my syntax right 
To let it know not to set LIBEXT=a here if it's a mingw host. 

Change #2 On line 9465 there is the $LIBEXT = so/$target_os *cygwin*
check. If I make Change #1 
via my dirty breaking of configure and I change the case $target_os to
*mingw* then it generates
My makefiles right. My problem is really stupid because if I copy the
cygwin check and make a mingw check
It bitches about unexepected EOF in the configure script where I'm just
missing a if/fi or something.

Like I said, its really minor. Once this is done then you should at
least be able to 
./configure on msys just like cygwin if they fix the dlltool/wrap on


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