Problem with InstallShield

Hetz Ben Hamo hetz at
Wed May 8 09:46:49 CDT 2002

The question is - who decides what? - and I'll explain...

I'm not sure that CodeWeavers have the same priorities as Transgaming. As much 
as I see now, Transgaming is very focused on multimedia (e.g: WineX 2) while 
CodeWeavers is more focused on productivity applications (e.g: CrossOver 
Office, the Kylix RAD GUI and other stuff)..

So I wonder - if every side see different parts in different priorities - who 
decides what-worth-what? just an hypothetical example: does ALSA driver worth 
DCOM implementation? 

Maybe it's time that both Jeremy White and Gavriel State would say what parts 
of their side of wine (WineHQ VS. Re-Wind/WineX) they're willing to trade? I 
don't know if there is a need for a middle man here since both sides knows 
how to express themselves quite well (oh, and Brett - if you see this email 
and want to respond - SHUT UP!)..

Would either one of the side put down a list of what he's want to trade? 


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