Regression - err:module:MZ_DoLoadImage insufficient DOS memory

Andriy Palamarchuk apa3a at
Wed May 8 13:50:19 CDT 2002

I tested an application while researching bug 637:

Suddely on Tuesday after refreshing Wine I started to
get those errors.

The relevant part of the error log (sorry for the line

080706b8:Call winedos.LoadDosExe(0804d5e0 "C:\\Program
080706b8:trace:file:SetFilePointer handle 20 offset 0
high 0 origin 0
080706b8: set_file_pointer( handle=20, low=0, high=0,
whence=0 )
080706b8: set_file_pointer() = 0 { new_low=0,
new_high=0 }
080706b8:trace:file:ReadFile 20 0x405b6ce0 64
0x405b6cdc (nil)
080706b8: get_handle_fd( handle=20, access=80000000 )
080706b8: get_handle_fd() = 0 { fd=10, type=1, flags=0
080706b8:trace:module:MZ_InitMemory Initializing DOS
memory structures
080706b8:trace:module:MZ_DoLoadImage Allocating DOS
memory (min=6349136, max=6346368)
080706b8:err:module:MZ_DoLoadImage insufficient DOS
080706b8:Ret  winedos.LoadDosExe() retval=00000000
wine: can't exec 'HTMLKit.exe': error=8

I *think* I refreshed CVS on Monday and the issue was
not there, so this happened on Monday-Tuesday.
I reviewed the recent patches, but did not find
anything suspicios.

Does anybody recognizes the issue?

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