Request For Comments: emulation of Windows file attributes on POSIX

Jakob Eriksson jakob at
Thu May 9 17:03:12 CDT 2002

I filed a bug that comments Wine can't create a HIDDEN file,
so that Wine does not later find it with FindFirstFile().

there was a little discussion there and I suggested
a) a mode where Wine reads the special info from VFAT and NTFS filesystems.
	(linux kernel enhancement probably necessary)

b) for POSIX filesystems, an emulation layer where Wine emulates the
	attributes by storing them in a special file in each directory.

Andriy Palamarchuk commented with this:

	There are plans on integration with Samba and this functionality can be
	implemented there for communication with Windows machines.
	However, I can't decide whether it is worth to implement these features for
	Posix file system. 
	I suggest you to discuss the matter on wine-devel.

Is it worth it at all?

Is it worth it if I implement it as a Wine learning exercise and all you Wine
demigods have to do is either say "ok" or "bad, to slow, let's ditch it" or whatever.

I don't understand that about Samba integration. Can they read the
special attributes on VFAT and NTFS? Are they planning to emulate it?

Jakob Eriksson

The wages of sin
  is debugging.
		  	-- Ron Jeffries

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