Breakthrough! Can now crosscompile unit tests!

Steven Edwards steven_ed4153 at
Fri May 10 13:26:18 CDT 2002

> What I want is for the Wine configure to detect that
> mingw32
> is present, then modify Makefiles so that when "make
> tests"
> is run, EXE-files are modified.
> I also don't want to do #ifdef REAL_EXE or whatever
> in every
> c-file, I want all that to happen automagically in
> wine/test.h !
> I want the configure script to take care of all that
> and always
> compile unit tests twice, once for linux target,
> once for Windows
> target. (EXE)

You might be able to do ./configure --host=mingw
--target=mingw --target=mingw under your cross system.
Then in your configure script you can have a check
that does something like this

case in host os = *mingw*

Where Blah is the change you need. I'm not very good
at programming and even worse at fixing configure
script/makefile bugs so I dont know what all you need
to do. Take a look at the recent patch A.J. submitted
that fixed my dlltool/wrap dlopen issues on

> Makefiles
Alexandre is the one who know all about all, when ever
I've had a makefile problem he has been very helpful.


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