Bug tracking organization

Andreas Mohr andi at rhlx01.fht-esslingen.de
Fri May 10 17:19:37 CDT 2002

Hi all,

I think our bug tracking is still a bit too chaotic.
Thus I intend to get some info on what bug tracking should look like.

So far, we've got "Wine 0.9.0 TaskList" and "Wine 1.x WishList" as the
two main metabugs.

IMHO Wine 0.9.0 TaskList is the main bug for all development work up to
Wine 1.0.
And Wine 1.x WishList is everything that will definitely not be included
in Wine 1.0 (and possibly even more).

Now how about the layout of Wine 0.9.0 TaskList ?

I'd suggest the following layout:

  Presentation metabug
    Stable packaging (.deb, .rpm, .tar.gz)
    programs metabug (what WineLib programs to supply ?)
  GUI metabug
    window management metabug
    messaging metabug
    common controls metabug
    shell namespace
    fonts/printing metabug
  multimedia metabug
    directx (direct3d etc.)
  DLL separation metabug
  RPC/wineserver metabug
    OLE metabug (ok, not 100% correct, but main hole is DCOM RPC stuff)
  lowlevel metabug
    file system metabug
    memory management metabug
    loader metabug
      DOS metabug
  comm metabug
    wininet, icmp, url, urlmon, snmpapi, mapi32, netapi32
  "developer stuff" metabug
    regression testing/test suite metabug
    msvcrt, msvcrt20, crtdll
  Misc. metabug (for other stuff)
    twain, winaspi
  "others" metabug (in order to deposit bug reports of "alien" wine packages

Is this structure ok ?
How should it be reorganized, what should be changed ?
If we get to a final result, then I'll make sure the 0.9.0 bug gets to look
like that.
OK, on to the next topic:
How should we organize the bug work ?
We need tons of people to take UNCONFIRMED bugs and make sure that they
reach enough quality in order to be reassigned as NEW (I expect ~ 30% of
all bugs to get dropped right away).

The second line of bug tracking would be experienced developers that are
mainly responsible for certain areas (like we already started to discuss).
There might even be a third line of "emergency" people for the really tough

BTW, I'm currently subscribed to wine-bugs.
I guess I'll stay subscribed for a while, and once the initial bug tracking
structure is solid and doesn't need special attention, I'll be able to
concentrate on specific areas, and then I'll probably unsubscribe.

Any comments ?

Andreas Mohr                        Stauferstr. 6, D-71272 Renningen, Germany
Tel. +49 7159 800604                http://home.arcor.de/andi.mohr/

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