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In <200205111350.25529.dimi at>, on 05/11/02 
   at 01:50 PM, "Dimitrie O. Paun" <dimi at> said:

:> What about if the physical file system is FAT, we support all of the flags
:> just like Windows does.

:I guess we need a kernel with Extended Atributes (EA). 
:It's in Linux 2.5,  but until 2.6 is distributed to the general  public,
:we're still a long way off...

I agree that when Wine is emulating FAT on some other file system, waiting
for a kernel with EA support is a reasonably strategy. However, I do not
yet understand why this kernel support is required when the physical file
system is FAT.

Does not the VFAT ioctl read and write the actual directory entries in
such a case?

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