wineinstall fails after cvs update

Dustin Navea speeddymon at
Sat May 11 16:10:50 CDT 2002

--- degs <degs at> wrote:
> Have to wait until someone removes something from
> Wine cvs which would 
> otherwise cause configure to screw up if 'cvs update
> -RdP' didn't remove it I 
> guess - its one of those 
> kind of deals :-)
> -- degs

what about downloading the latest snapshot?  20020509
is out.  dl it and then cvs update -RdP wine...i didnt
have any problems doing it that way...  the only time
you ever need to use cvs checkout is when you are
downloading it for the first time...  the rest of the
time use cvs update -RdP wine...

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