Pre-regression regression error :)

Paul Millar paulm at
Sun May 12 18:08:55 CDT 2002


Looks like the bug picked up in WRT [1] is genuine (I didn't want to post
anything until I was reasonably sure). Juergen shlwapi tests, patch
seem to have uncovered a bug in registry expansion, but strangely only
when wine is emulating an NT-like versions of windows.

If you do:

   export WINEOPTIONS="-winver win2k"
   make testclean test

you find two errors in tests/shreg.c: the tests at line 125 and at line 
145. But, if the tests are done with wine in a Win95-like mode:

   export WINEOPTIONS="-winver win95"
   make testclean test

the tests pass.

The errors are:

> tests/shreg.c:125: Test failed: (21,20)
> tests/shreg.c:145: Test failed: (21,20)

which suggests an out-by-one error (the value "21" should be "20").

As far as I've tracked the problem, it seems to be with RegQueryValueExA
returning the wrong size. Unfortunately I'm rather pushed for time right
now, so if anyone fancies getting to the bottom of this, feel free.


Paul Millar
[1] -


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