Fix for commdlg on Mingw

Marcus Meissner marcus at
Sun May 12 23:46:21 CDT 2002

On Sun, May 12, 2002 at 10:45:08PM -0400, Steven Edwards wrote:
> I didn't think wcstol should be moved out of ntddk and in to port.h so I
> did the patch this way. If this is another thing that we shouldn't work
> around I will add it to the bitch list for the mingw developers that I
> am sending them in a week or two. If they don't fix things shortly after
> that then I submit my end-all-be-all mingw buggy fix patch to you.
> There are only one or two more places where I will need to do this.  
> Changelog: Fix for commdlg. Mingw stdlib.h defines wcstol so we check
> for it and use it else we use the normal wine one.

Unfortunately wcstol exists in Linux.

However it is implemented differently. wide characters are 4 Byte here,
not just 2.

So your patch will most likely break the Linux side of things.

Ciao, Marcus

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