RFC: CommDlg changes for bug#344

Ann and Jason Edmeades us at the-edmeades.demon.co.uk
Mon May 13 14:55:49 CDT 2002


The attached patch resolves the 4 issues raised in bug #344 plus lots more.
However, before submitting to wine-patches I would like comments it. One
particular area of concern is that the behaviour of commdlg should be
different depending on what release of windows is currently being run. Also
attached is the program I used to test it with (commenting out various parts
as applicable)

What is the correct way of handling this? Should I do this? The msdn talks
about win2000 behaviour and win98 behaviour. I have no experience with winME
to know how this would work so I assumed 98 behaviour. Same with WinXP, so I
assumed Win2K behaviour. The code currently does this:

win95   isWin98plus = false   isWin2Kplus = false
win98   isWin98plus = true    isWin2Kplus = false
winME   isWin98plus = true    isWin2Kplus = false
win2k   isWin98plus = true    isWin2Kplus = true
winxp   isWin98plus = true    isWin2Kplus = true

1. InitialDir handling and InitialFile handling now agrees with MSDN
description, and testing on win2000 appears to agree
2. Filename field not cleared when directory selected/clicked on
3. ofNoValidate field no longer causes traps, and appears to behave as per

Comments please? No comments within a few days I'll submit to wine-patches
and see how many people I can break!

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