Winelib apps and PATH

Sylvain Petreolle spetreolle at
Tue May 14 14:44:07 CDT 2002


Testing wine's control.exe replacements
makes me show this :

If i remove/rename original control.exe, I can do :
$ control
and I have the Wine Control Panel as it has been
installed in /usr/local/bin.

But I cannot do:
$ wine control
wine: cannot find 'control'

So if one app calls for example notepad, the app
will try to launch "wine notepad" and fail.

Shouldn't we provide a default drive for /usr or
/usrlocal/bin in the config file ? This would solve
the "can't load winedbg 123456" issue that users
usually include in their first reports.
(the debugger cannot be launched because it's in

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