PlaySound and al.

Tijs van Bakel tijs at
Wed May 15 10:28:40 CDT 2002

Eric Pouech <eric.pouech at> writes:

> this patch is a rewrite of the playsound functions those were a bit
> buggy and proved to fail in some multi-threaded environments the
> attached patch should take care of that

When selecting a menu-item in MSVC++ 6.0, the loop in
MULTIMEDIA_PlaySound() never ends on my system (Debian unstable, no
soundcard) as well as on another system (Debian unstable, soundblaster

Things worked fine with revision 1.51 of mmsystem.c.  Unfortunately, I
haven't been able to trace exactly what is going wrong.  I will, of
course, supply more details when I find something remarkable.

Should I report bugs with respect to patches using Bugzilla, or is
wine-devel sufficient?  I noticed Bugzilla only allows me to select
real Wine releases, i.e. 20020509, and not a CVS revision of a certain


Tijs van Bakel, ConnecTUX, <tijs at>

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