Bugzilla responsibilities (Was Component owners 2)

Andriy Palamarchuk apa3a at yahoo.com
Wed May 15 13:54:10 CDT 2002

I decided to define not also list of component owners,
but also people, responsible for triaging and
application owners. This additional information will
be important for those who work with Bugzilla.
I'm going to submit these lists for publishing on Wine
Bugzilla pages for easy access.

Owners of Components and areas of interest:
* Guy L. Albetelli - common controls
* Robert 'Admiral' Coeyman - DOS
* Chuck Crayne - richedit
* Huw Davies - TrueType support, printing, gdi, x11
* Francois Gouget - Winelib, Winemaker, headers, icmp
* Alexandre Julliard - wineserver, kernel, IPC,
loader, x11drv
* Dustin Navea - wine tools
* Mike McCormack - file system, serial port, named
pipes, SMB
* Marcus Meissner - COM, OLE
* Andreas Mohr - documentation, installers, memory
* Andriy Palamarchuk - wine applications
* Eric Pouech - multimedia, winedbg, wineconsole, DDE
* Juergen Schmied - shell (shell32.dll and
shlwapi.dll), file open dialog
* Lionel Ulmer - OpenGL, DirectX, Direct3D
* Martin Wilck - sockets

People in the list below are responsible for fixes
confirmation, bugs confirmation,  initial research,
distribution to developers, prioritization.
Please, let me know if you plan to actively work in
this area - I'll include you in the list.
Bugs triaging:
* Tony Lambregts
* Andreas Mohr (SWAT team ;-)
* Dustin Navea
* Andriy Palamarchuk
Contributors are wanted!

Application owners can provide help in confirming
bugs, fixes, assisting developers who do not have
access to the application in bugs fixing.
Application owners:
* Michael Cardenas - Microsoft Office, AOL
Application owners are wanted!

As always I appreciate your comments.

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