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Fri May 17 02:20:54 CDT 2002

>>>>> "John" == John K Hohm <jhohm at> writes:

    John> I am implementing a COM object in comcat.dll that allocates itself
    John> with HeapAlloc and frees itself on its last Release with HeapFree.
    John> I am using it in a simple test program that creates it and
    John> releases it, and when the Release happens I get this:

    John> err:heap:HEAP_ValidateInUseArena Heap 40340000: in-use arena
    John> 40378878 next block has PREV_FREE flag

    John> It seems to be saying that I'm freeing an already-free block.  I
    John> ran the test program with --debugmsg trace+all, and I can see that

those problems are normally caused by writing more memory then allocates,
resulting in heap corruption. A good way to look after the problem is to run
with --debugmsg -relay=x11drv,+heap, as the +heap argument checks the heap
on every heap operation and the result doesn't get so cluttered as with
+all. Eventually +ole might be helpfull, as comcat used the ole chanel.

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