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Sat May 18 10:37:41 CDT 2002

On Wed, May 15, 2002 at 08:42:10PM -0700, Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> Jeremy White <jwhite at> writes:
> > I dunno, I think I agree with Andriy's initial reaction.
> > It's not broken, why fix it?  There are so many people
> > that link to - do we really want to confuse
> > them at this point?
> Agreed. There is no way we can fix all references to out
> there, so any attempt at changing it will only result in major
> confusion. And we would have to start using email addresses
> too, which would likely double the amount of spam we get <g>
OK, I agree that these are all concerns to think about
(especially the SPAM one ! <g>), but every single Open Source project
out there usually uses a .org domain, so I think we should make the switch,
and if we decide to do it, then we should do it now instead of later.

Anyway, IMHO doing or not doing such a thing should be decided via voting
in the Wine community (unless CodeWeavers is definitely against a switch,
as they're hosting .com/.org; IOW: veto right).

Anyone care to do that voting ?

Or should I simply volunteer to collect "votes" ?
You could hardly call this "transparent" voting, though,
since I'd be the one to collect (and manipulate ;-) them then.

Or what about creating a BugZilla bug instead for the voting process ?
That way you'd have transparent voting, and after all it is a project activity,
so using BugZilla for that would be at least a slight bit justified.

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