Office 97 installation

Raul Dias chaos at
Sat May 18 14:28:31 CDT 2002


Sorry if this has been discussed before but I could not find
a searchable archieve of the list.

For some time now Microsoft Office 97 installs almost perfect.
However, in the end of the instalation it warns about
vbe.dll could not regiter itself.

Then the instalation ends with an error.

Even with the error, everything is in place.
The registries are correct (at least they seem to be).
Word and Excel runs nicely.
Everything in a windows/native dlls free environment.

I found this document about the issue from Microsoft:;EN-US;q162627

I check everything it says and everything seems to be correct.

As more people have tryied Office 97/2000 with wine, this error
might be already known. (I hope so)

So, why does it happen?
Is it a bug or something not implemented (or half implemented)
in wine?
Is this caused by some missing file/dll/registry entry ?
Is this some ugly undocumented hack that office 97 installer

btw, the version is Office 97 Pro in pt_BR.

Raul Dias

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