[PATCH] misc/registry.c

Dustin Navea speeddymon at yahoo.com
Sun May 19 12:58:34 CDT 2002

--- Andreas Mohr <andi at rhlx01.fht-esslingen.de> wrote:
> Huh ?
> These keys should *really* be there in case of a
> windows install,
> if they aren't, then there's something very strange
> going on...

they dont get created on my computer, mandrake 8.2 and
win2k dual boot, wineinstall finds my windows
partition and says default wine registries will not be
installed...  then when i run wine, it creates them,
but only the keys that are in the source of wine...

only time the wine default registries are installed
are in the event that wineinstall cant find a windows
partition (and therefore cant find windows registries)

> Also, even a windows install should really run
> winedefault.reg
> stuff (witness Borland BDE key in winedefault.reg
> !).
> I know, wineinstall currently doesn't seem to do
> this, but then I'd
> say it's just not doing it right yet...

see above...

either way though, they are there now, no matter
what...  only reason that the keys need to be changed
is if the user decides he wants his emulated windows
directory to be something besides C:\Windows...  in
which case he would need to edit user.reg in


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