Requested Change to the build system

Steven Edwards Steven_Ed4153 at
Sun May 19 14:51:12 CDT 2002

Hola and Thanks for everything so far in getting the Mingw port rolling.

Doing my work on getting shlwapi.dll built I noticed the missing imports
from user32 wvsnprintfA at 16 and wvsnprintfW at 16 in libuser32.a. I was
to submit a patch to the mingw developers for the Win32api package that 
updates the libuser32.a and I am still planning on doing that but I
a more self-contained solution would be better.

In the ReactOS tree we have a "make implib" rule to generate all of the
Libs for our shared libs. This way we are not dependant on the mingw
I think the wine tree needs to do something similer. Once this is done
we can 
go ahead and build the import libs for ntdll, msvcrt and User32 that are
for the wine dlls. 

The command line is something like this
dlltool --as=as --dllname user32.dll --def user32.spec.def --output-lib

The only real problem isnt really a problem but we just wouldn't catch
it in the 
build processes. If WINES libuser32.a exported a non-win32 function that
we shouldn't
Use anyway and another dll imported that function (see comctl32) like
(see wine/windows/syscolor.c line 388) The build would still work and we
catch it untill someone tries to use comctl32.dll without wines

I still think the change would be for the better and request your


"Every revolution was once a thought in one man's mind"
- Ralph Waldo Emerson 

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