Clear an old button text in WM_SETTEXT as Windows does

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Mon May 20 09:06:36 CDT 2002

"Andriy Palamarchuk" <apa3a at> wrote:

> Dmitry, I advise you to create a bug for this issue in
> Bugzilla with detailed description, so the problem
> won't be lost.
> If the issue can be fixed by newbie, you can put it in
> the list of bug 406, if it is more difficult - to 455.

I won't create a bug without a more close investigation, but I have
no time *at all* now. First of all it should be determined whether
the bug is related to Wine freetype using engine (and whether it's
a freetype or Wine bug) or x11drv font code (once again: whether it's
an x11drv or XFree86 bug).


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