Part 1 - Mingw Port Status 5-20-02

Steven Edwards Steven_Ed4153 at
Mon May 20 19:28:05 CDT 2002

> Actually none of the Wine dlls should import msvcrt, at least 
> not on Unix. We could add the import only for the mingw case, 
> but I'd argue that the mingw linker should be doing this 
> automatically.

Ok I will add that to the list. I will be submitting patches/bug reports
To the mingw team in the next week or so. Is there anything else that
Think we need from mingw?

The current list of mingw bugs -

MAX_PATH mess in stdlib.h
Basetsd.h Win64 bugs.
Add libshlwapi.a and libntdll.a to mingw
libkernel32.a - Missing toolhlp api exports.
Auto-import of libmsvcrt.a always by linker


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