MS ACM MP3 decoder

Patrik Stridvall ps at
Tue May 21 04:16:23 CDT 2002

> "Eric Pouech" <eric.pouech at> wrote:
> > this patch implements an ACM MP3 decoder (only, no coder)
> > it is based on the mpglib (which is now LGPL, and which is
> > included in the patch)
> If you base your code on the LGPL'ed code, you can't claim
> it has an X11 license.

Of course he can, if Wine is just a user of mpglib, the 
LGPL makes no claim on users only and even if it
did HIS code can still be under the X11 license.

We have discussed this before and at the very least everybody seems
to agree on that unless the LGPL code depends on Wine everything is fine.
The mpglib obviously doesn't depend on Wine and that's it.

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