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Andriy Palamarchuk apa3a at
Tue May 21 09:59:45 CDT 2002

--- Raul Dias <chaos at> wrote:
> >> For some time now Microsoft Office 97 installs
> >> almost perfect.
> >> However, in the end of the instalation it warns
> >> about
> >> vbe.dll could not regiter itself.
> >
> >I'm not sure, but it is possible that installer
> could
> >not find and execulte regsvr32 - the application,
> >which registers dlls. Wine version was added to the
> >main tree not so long time ago. Plus, until
> recently
> >the wine applications were not installed with wine.
> >Be sure you have this application and it is
> installed.
> I have it installed and working (as opposed to
> regedit)
> in my /usr/bin .
> However wine apps doesn't seem to find it.
> Should I rename it to regsvr32.exe and move (with
> the to my %windows dir ?

The current wineinstall script should create
*.exe->wine and *>*.so links in the windows
directory and wine should find the app there.

> If so, wouldn't it be better to let wine
> applications
> (win32) call native linux applications?
> Maybe a replacement section in the config which
> would 
> accept stuff like:

I think you can call Linux apps from Windows

> #This would let a call to a generic (search in
> wine's 
> #Path) notepad and call a generic (in the user's
> unix
> #Path) gvim
> "notepad.exe" = "gvim"
> #This would be a more restricted one
> #only if the application called matchs the dir
> "c:\windows\sol.exe" = "/usr/X11R6/bin/solitaire"
> This would also avoid a linking hell in the c:\
> tree.

All this can be implemented with "links hell", right?

> If wine can already call unix applications, or a
> replacement
> section as I suggest works, I can write an app to
> sync 
> wine mime and extention registries (as windows
> explorer does 
> on windows) with KDE/Gnome/mailcap/mime .
> I am not familiar with wine insides other than
> compiling it,
> but this might be a way I can help.

Sounds good for me. Anybody else can give a feedback?


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