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Andreas Mohr andi at
Tue May 21 12:59:01 CDT 2002

On Tue, May 21, 2002 at 10:45:14AM -0400, Warren_Baird at wrote:
> So it looks to me like GetModuleFileName is always returning *only* the filename
> of the module, not the full path.   MSDN says:
Huh, and what about this ??

 *              GetModuleFileNameA      (KERNEL32.@)
 *              GetModuleFileName32     (KERNEL.487)
 * GetModuleFileNameA seems to *always* return the long path;
 * it's only GetModuleFileName16 that decides between short/long path
 * by checking if exe version >= 4.0.
 * (SDK docu doesn't mention this)

So isn't this the case any more ?
If so, then it should of course be fixed.
But I'm wondering how it could have become broken then in the first place...

(that was my comment, BTW, so I readily remembered that)

> And I've come across some windows code that relies on this behaviour....  I've
Of course, as it's supposed to be long.

> come up with a somewhat messy patch to fix this by adding a call to dlinfo in
> the spec code generated by winebuild, but unfortunately there seems to be some
> code in wine that relies on GetModuleFileName returning only the filename.  My
> current hack is to maintain two versions of winebuild - the one I use when
> building wine, and the one I use when building my code...  Hardly elegant.
Hmm, or do you mean that only *builtin* modules return the file name only
and not the complete path ?
That'd definitely be a reason to fix something...

> I have two questions:
>   1.  Would anyone object if I tried to fix wine to behave properly with
> GetModuleFileName returning the full path?  I haven't dug into it yet, so I
> don't know how much effort will be required...  Is there a reasons we have the
> current behaviour?
Just go ahead, I guess.

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