tools/wineshelllink Full KDE3 Support-patch tomorrow

Dustin Navea speeddymon at
Tue May 21 15:43:02 CDT 2002

Hey, received a note from Riszanyi Zsolt asking to
implement use of $KDEHOME in wineshelllink.  Well, I
took a look at it, and started to do that, but then I
realized that if we do that and they have 2 versions
of KDE installed (i.e. Mandrake 8.2's way, KDE2 in
/usr and KDE3 in /opt), the icons will only be in 1 of
the 2 directories.  So, instead I finished off my KDE3
support, and it will be submitted tomorrow, I have 1
minor change to make to it.


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