tools/wineshelllink Full KDE3 Support-patch tomorrow

Rizsanyi Zsolt rizsanyi at
Tue May 21 22:13:04 CDT 2002

On Wednesday 22 May 2002 00:27, Raul Dias wrote:
> Dustin Navea <speeddymon at> wrote:
> >Hey, received a note from Riszanyi Zsolt asking to
> >implement use of $KDEHOME in wineshelllink.  Well, I
> >took a look at it, and started to do that, but then I
> >realized that if we do that and they have 2 versions
> >of KDE installed (i.e. Mandrake 8.2's way, KDE2 in
> >/usr and KDE3 in /opt), the icons will only be in 1 of
> >the 2 directories.  So, instead I finished off my KDE3
> >support, and it will be submitted tomorrow, I have 1
> >minor change to make to it.
> >
> >-Dustin
> Are you sure that $KDEHOME is the right var?
> In my system at least (Conectiva Linux 8.0), the var is
> $KDEDIR and it point to /usr/lib/kde3 .

$KDEHOME should point to your .kde home directory where your _user_ 
configuration is stored. Eg. it is /home/zsolt/.kde3 at me. If it is not set 
then ~/.kde is assumed.

I dont know how we came to /usr and /opt. The wineshelllink script currently 
only copies to the user folder (to ~/.kde and ~/.kde2 in the case of kde).

I'm proposing to use $KDEHOME instead of ~/.kde if it is set. That would solve 
Of course if the user has two or more kde user folders, then it would not copy 
to all of them, but that should happen only in the case of a kde developer, 
and then he do something about it (editing wineshelllink if he must).

Zsolt Rizsanyi

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