shlwapi shreg tests failed

Sylvain Petreolle spetreolle at
Wed May 22 13:06:37 CDT 2002

> Sorry for the delay in replying ..
No problem. Time is gold.
> I've tried:
> > export WINEOPTIONS="-winver winme"
> > make testclean test
> And it all the tests pass for me. So, some
> questions:
>   What happens for other Window versions (e.g. win95
> and win2k)?
Not tested for the moment.
I only tested without options (fails) and with an
to wine : alias wine='wine --winver=winme'.
That solves some issues due to child process version
>   Are you using WineHQ cvs, ReWind cvs, TG cvs, or a
> particular release? 
Winehq cvs.
>   What does your configuration file look like? (I'm
> using builtin for all 
>   the DllOverrides).
I use the same here, always 100% built-in when running tests.

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