Asian characters printing - not supported

Ian Pilcher pilchman at
Wed May 22 13:32:42 CDT 2002

Huw D M Davies wrote:
> We've been working quite hard on making improvements to the PostScript
> driver and now have code that should print any character that can be
> displayed on the screen (assuming you're using client side font
> rendering anyway).  The code downloads the TT font to the printer as
> either Type 42 (TT wrapped in PostScript) or for older printers the
> font gets converted to a Type 1 outline.

A couple of suggestions/requests:

1.  A lot of Wine users (the majority?) will be printing to non-
    PostScript printers via Ghostscript.  In this situation, embedding
    the TrueType font in the output is unnecessary, as long as the
    user has made Ghostscript aware of the font.  Please enable the
    user to turn font embedding off.

2.  Please don't disable the current (very kludgy) method of printing
    TrueType fonts.  Client-side font rendering is definitely the way
    to go, but it currently causes Wine to crash on my system.  Until
    client-side rendering stabilizes, I (and others) need to use X-
    based fonts but print TrueType fonts.

Sounds like very cool stuff!

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