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Andriy Palamarchuk apa3a at
Thu May 23 08:25:10 CDT 2002

I got an excellent feedback for my request for help.
Most of the replies were in private emails, so you did
not see the whole activity.

Now we need to fix some issues to better accept the
suggested help.

*Application Owners

We already have application owners for many
applications, including Lotus Notes, Microsoft Money,
CAD applications, other (still need to compile the
whole list). I think big part of bug

The issue here - management of the AppDB entries.
Is it possible to give an application owner privileges
to edit information of the applications they are
responsible for? How are we going to organize the
whole process?


I'm going to create documentation for bugs processing,
instructions for application owners.

Can I add these documents to the winehq web site
instead of having separate documentation for AppDB and

On other hand we already have in AppDB and Bugzilla
some documentation. In short - I need access to this

There is one more request, more difficult to implement
- gather more information on initial bug submission:
When do you plan the upgrade, necessary to fix the
We already have pretty high activity on the Bugzilla.
I expect it to increase even more and I'd like to
increase efficiency of this activity.

Andriy Palamarchuk

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