remove the --managed option

Dustin Navea speeddymon at
Fri May 24 17:40:44 CDT 2002

--- Tony Lambregts <tony_lambregts at>
> Dustin Navea wrote:
>  >--- "Dimitrie O. Paun" <dpaun at> wrote:
>  >
>  >>No, I have not seen it there. I looked for it in
>  >>winedefault.reg,
>  >>but could not find it there...
>  >>
>  >>
>  >check ~/.wine/config...  if we are going to remove
> the
>  >--managed argument, we should remove any traces of
>  >being able to be unmanaged...
>  >
>  >
> And the docu.... If we remove the functionality we
> need to change the
> documentation as well.
> Do we have a bug report on this at least. If not I
> can start one.
> Tony Lambregts

Actually, Alexandre decided to keep the Managed config
option in, and with good reason... so we just need to
update the docs to reflect that they can only use the
Managed config option now.  There isn't a bug report,
so if one does need to be created, yea go ahead...

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