gdb and nanosleep() issues

Sylvain Petreolle spetreolle at
Sat May 25 11:41:56 CDT 2002

> not at all. gdb is launched because of an exception
> inside
> the debugger
> to ensure that gdb is started, winedbg waits, in the
> fault
> handler for some time, to let gdb attach to the
> winedbg
> process
> that's why you see the nanosleep at the top of
> backtrace
> the interesting part is to know where the debugger
> crashed
> (ie the PC, and the function from the exception
> frame at
> the bottom of the backtrace)
> A+ 
Ok, but this will wait :(
I encounter the "parse error problem" today :
(without any changes to the source/to my system)

Wine-dbg>parse error
Cannot pass on last chance exception. You must use

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