AppDB: A call for moderation ;-P

Dustin Navea speeddymon at
Sat May 25 16:48:31 CDT 2002

After looking at the appdb, and seeing all these
seemingly random posts for help and the replies, i.e.
using winex over wine for games...  I decided to call
for some moderation and cleanup on the AppDB.

I think that the appdb needs several things done to it
to make it more functional and "user-friendly":

1) It needs moderators!
2) It needs to be threaded, i.e. different topics are
actually separate, the replies dont just get mixed up
with everyone else's...
3) The application owner should be the one that posts
screenshots and determines the useability of the
app/game/whatever under _wine_, not winex or anything
4) It needs links to Bugzilla so people aren't making
posts for help that either go unanswered or get an
answer that doesn't help them...

For #1, the people that have priveleges on bugzilla,
and the application owners should be moderators...
For #2, the forums would have to be rewritten, but
believe me, it would definitely enhance the
readability and appeal of the site
For #3, It would make it so that people can know at a
glance whether their program will work or not, and
also lets users contact the person in charge of that
program's board for assistance in getting it to work
under their copy of wine...
For #4, For anything that the application owner can't
figure out, or if the user would rather talk to one of
the developers beforehand, the links would definitely
be a help...  say a link at the top of each page:

For help with <insert name of app here>, check out
Bugzilla at

Comments appreciated


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