Quick question on the Cygwin/Mingw port

Steven Edwards Steven_Ed4153 at yahoo.com
Sat May 25 21:48:39 CDT 2002

I'm on the road traveling till Monday so I sent the question here rather
then cygwin support because I figured someone here has to have a little
cygwin and mingw experience.

I'm using cygwin to host my mingw WINE devel with --target=mingw
--host-mingw --build=mingw -mno-cygwin and -fnative-struct and it is
still linking to cygwin1.dll. I don't really understand whats going on
because it doesn't seem to be using any of the exports from cygwin1.dll
but if I try to test the dlls/programs/tools on another box it bitches
about missing the dll. 

If anyone has any insight please let me know or just send this to


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