null midi device

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Mon May 27 13:40:45 CDT 2002

Chris a écrit :
> i'd like to contribute to the wine codebase and for some applications of
> mine they request i have a midi device, but since i don't have one in
> linux, wine doesn't show one either. i'd like to create a null midi
> device in wine then, sort of like an optional midi device that appears
> to the application to be a midi device and works fine but doesn't play
> any music (so the application will at least run).
> does anything like this already exist in wine, if not, how hard would
> any of you experienced wine developers think it would be to create this?
> where should i start?
that wouldn't be too difficult to write one. grab an existing one, 
remove all the code, just keep the return values from the different
However, tricky parts can come from:
- position. it's required that the device tells which position it's
  being played, and you need to keep track of it
- also, you need to know when the device shall be loaded. it won't be
  loaded on every machine.


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