Asian characters printing - not supported

Ian Pilcher pilchman at
Mon May 27 16:01:18 CDT 2002

Huw D M Davies wrote:
> I'm not sure how to neatly do this.  I suppose the user could add the
> font to the ppd file and the font would then be treated as a builtin
> font.

This is pretty much the "kludgy" method I was referring to below.

I would think that it would be pretty simple to have a per-printer
setting to control this.  (The default would, of course, be to do the
embedding.)  In fact, I can probably add this once your patch hits.

>>2.  Please don't disable the current (very kludgy) method of printing
>>    TrueType fonts.  Client-side font rendering is definitely the way
>>    to go, but it currently causes Wine to crash on my system.  Until
>>    client-side rendering stabilizes, I (and others) need to use X-
>>    based fonts but print TrueType fonts.
> Sounds like we need to fix the bug then.  Could you open a bugzilla
> bug and include a +xrender,+font log?

Of course, I can't reproduce the crash now.  So I guess that you can
consider this one "fixed".

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